What is a SECRET RUG??
If you don't know if your having a boy or a girl baby...
Have us make you a
"secret rug"

Just choose the size, shape, rug colors,initial or monogram for both sexes
& have your doctor call us or email us  the sex of the baby. We will then
make the "
secret rug" & ship it when you tell us to. The rug will be shipped
so that you will not see if it is a boy or a girl until you unroll it.

Imagine now if you will... you invite family & friends over for the big reveal.
It's the day everyone has been waiting for...to find out if your having a boy
or a girl. Everyone gathers around as you unwrap the surprise!

What a
FUN way to find out & have your family & friends find out if your
having a boy or a girl!

It's a BOY!             It's a GIRL!

CONTACT US to order your SECRET RUG!

Now please don't keep our "secret rugs" a secret....spread the word to all
your friends & family that is expecting a little one!
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We donate 3% of every rug
purchased from our
website to help support
orphans throughout the
In you the orphan finds
mercy. Hosea 14:3
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