High-Traffic Carpet :- This kind of carpet has got a large amount of dirt and they suffer wear and tear too. This is because this kind of carpet is put on high-traffic areas.  For this, you need to get some cheap and highly durable carpet so that they will not get wear and tear easily.

Carpets For Hotel :- If you are going to put a carpet on hotel rooms or hallways, then you need a carpet which is durable as well as of good pattern and design. Apart from that carpet too needs to provide a warm and relaxed feel to the guests. So, while buying it keep in mind about the colours and patterns.

Carpets For Home :- In home or any small place, it usually doesn’t get high traffic. For this all you can think of buying a carpet which looks good and make the room of your house attractive with its patterns. You don’t need to check about the durability as the room usually don’t get high traffic. For home, you can get a wide range of carpets of different styles and patterns.


When you are thinking about buying a carpet then you need to make sure about which is best for you. This can be determined by going through the place in which you will be placing the carpet. You will get all the ideas about this from the above-mentioned points.